Kirsanov Konstantin Aleksandrovich

Kirsanov Konstantin Aleksandrovich,  Doctor of Economics, Candidate of Technical Sciences, professor

The chief editor of the On-line journal «Naukovedenie»

Research interests
Riskology, crisis management, theory of revolution, transportation revolutions, women Personology, Prognostics, Metal Forming, engineering theory, theory of education, theory of education quality, Innovation Management, Creative Management, Investology, Kreditology.

Kirsanov Konstantin Aleksandrovich — known scholar and researcher of significant contemporary issues of science and technology. It has a broad scope of interests and tends to create a conceptually oriented theories. So he owns fundamental research in the field of metal forming (some of these scientific achievements has been published in journals included in international citation database Scopus). In particular, he proposed a theory of fields mnogoveernyh deformation zone, at extrusion difficult shaped articles. It is possible to create generalizing systematize processes single and double extrusion products with cavities and long spikes. As a result, he co-authored received 25 invention certificates. Significant contribution K.A.Kirsanova associated with the research and introduction of processes electro-slag remelting (ESR), in particular large-scale melting of stainless steel products. These developments culminated in obtaining the patent.

During the perestroika years, KA Kirsanov directed his intellectual efforts to solve the main problems of the development of society — the creation of forecasts for the economy and technology. The result has been established with his active participation and under the leadership of Kurchatov Bestuzhev-Lada school for young futurists, which then developed into a number of institutes and allowed to organize issue of the journal «Issues of forecasting.» KA Kirsanov created a series of guidelines for forecasting the development of industries.

In the years of deep economic transformation of scientific and practical interest led KA Kirsanova in education. Since 1991 he has taught initially as a lecturer and later a professor at the State University of Management. The major successes over the years have been associated with a number of new branches of knowledge. First of all, Konstantin Aleksandrovich the first in Russia began to talk about creative management as a special activity. He belongs to the notion of «heuristic management». Interesting and volume were the development of the theory of intellectual work from a position of formalization solving economic problems. It is these developments formed the basis of his doctoral dissertation.

Along with studying the problems of creativity in different spheres of human life in-depth analysis of global problems of education and as a result created a variety of guidelines for training in management, labor economics, environmental management and ecology.

Together with the Honored Worker of Science Vishnyakov Yakov Dmitrievich it justified that the current stage of the life of society is associated with the development of civilization and knowledge of risk. Therefore KA Kirsanov created the basic provisions of such sciences as Riskologiya, Kreditologiya and Economic elitology.
Currently, intensive work on the creation of the theory of revolution and, in particular, transport revolutions Praxeological education, paradigmatic changes in science applied to forecast development and the search for a new system of monetary relations.